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Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 by Admin

Miller and Long’s Brett McMahon was at the Heritage Foundation’s bloggers lunch and conference call tomorrow to share Associated Builders and Contractors’ concerns about the Employee Free Choice Act. Noted labor watcher Ivan Osorio recapped the discussion:

EFCA’s card check provision helped provoke a backlash against the legislation as people found out more about it. However, EFCA’s second provision, which has not received as much attention, but could be even more devastating economically.

Just how damaging? Enough to force some healthy companies into bankruptcy, according to one businessman whose company could be severely affected. Specifically, EFCA’s binding arbitration provision could lead to newly unionized companies being forced to assume unsupportable new pension liabilities. Thus explained Brett McMahon of the construction firm Miller & Long, speaking at the Heritage Foundation this week.

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