SEIU: “Ruining” Card Check “For The Whole Labor Movement”

Monday, January 4th, 2010 by Admin

Great find by, which points to a blog highly critical of executives for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

We’ve pointed out many of the worst points of hypocrisy of SEIU when it comes to the sanctity of ballots, allegations of coercion, and more, but this list of SEIU’s Top 10 Bloopers is great.

Number nine is of particular interest:

9. Ruining EFCA for the whole Labor Movement. The boss tactics, the bullshit legal challenges, firing leaders, threatening loss of benefits if workers vote for the union–a cornucopia of violations. It would merely be embarrassing if it weren’t about to play a starring role in 2010′s national debate on labor law reform. You think the Chamber of Commerce hasn’t already cut some ads on this? Andy, Tasty hopes you are smarter than you appear and there is a super secret plan at work on this one!

It’s probably far too late to come up with a “super secret plan” that distracts Americans from EFCA’s unpopular aspects — effectively eliminating secret ballots and imposing federal bureaucrats to set labor contracts for small businesses.

SEIU has indeed played an important role in the debate over card check — as a cautionary tale.


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