Share The Truth

Employees could lose their right to a secret ballot and small businesses could end up with government-imposed union contracts unless more Americans are educated and motivated to prevent the damaging components of the Employee Free Choice Act.

We need your help to educate voters and contact legislators!

First, arm yourself with research, knowledge, and talking points about this issue. Then please help spread the word by:

Employers can consider educating their employees by considering efforts such as:

  • Sample paycheck stuffers: Who Do You Want In The Voting Booth (English and Spanish)
  • Sample paycheck stuffers: Do You Want Everyone To Know? (English and Spanish)


We want to help educate as many Americans as possible about the harmful impacts of the EFCA, so we’re not holding back. We will place many of our ads from our online outreach campaign below — please include them on your website with links to our “Get The Truth” page or the Card Check Quiz.