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NLRB: Special Interests in Specialty Healthcare Case

From the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace:

WASHINGTON, D.C. // MARCH 8, 2011 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) submitted a brief on what may be the most significant and troubling case before the National Labor Relations Board – Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile and United Steelworkers, District 9, 356 NLRB No. 56 (2010).

At issue in Specialty Healthcare is whether Big Labor may organize by cherry picking groups of workers that support the union without providing many co-workers who may oppose the union an opportunity to vote. Such a ruling would reverse over 50 years of standards for bargaining units.

As a result of the decision, businesses could be forced to bargain with multiple unions for similarly situated employees, with each group of employees having separate wage schedules, benefit packages and work rules. Businesses, workers, consumers and the economy would suffer, as the negative impact on business productivity and competitiveness would be significant.

Election Night Was Bad For Card Check

Over the last two years, this blog has documented (obsessively, so me might say), the ill effects and ill tidings of the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act. One angle we covered was the manner in which candidates for public office ran on their opposition to EFCA and ran away from their support of same (see here for an example, which doesn’t even include the important Kentucky victory of Sen-elect Rand Paul, who vigorously opposed EFCA during his campaign).

But not everyone could escape their support, nor the consequences. Pat Cleary over at looks at Big Labor’s bad election night, and includes this interesting factoid:

…41 anti-democracy candidates who had voted for, cosponsored or endorsed the “Card Check” bill were defeated, including at least 31 who co-sponsored the bill in the 111th Congress.

When it comes to a statement, that’s not a whisper–that’s a shout: NO to card check, NO to binding interest arbitration, NO to one-sided monetary penalties, NO to EFCA.

This is good news, to be sure. But even as voters were going to the polls, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace was noting that the executive branch is still finding backdoor methods of weakening the protection of private-ballot votes for workers deciding whether to join a union.

The fight is headed in the right direction, but is not yet won.

New Ad Warns of Lost Jobs Due To Employee Free Choice Act

Another great one from the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, of which Associated Builders and Contractors is a member.

“Post Card Check” Is Just As Bad

Brian Worth, chairman of the ABC-affiliated Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, has a letter to the editor of the Oregonian newspaper today highlighting the key concerns with a “card check lite” scheme floated in would-be compromises.

He writes:

The most important distinction is that there’s no ballot involved in the mail-in card proposal. It merely substitutes the discredited card check ruse with a “postcard check” — a new and equally flawed variation. The postcard check proposal increases the power of the professional union organizer, eviscerates secret ballot elections and further weakens workers’ privacy rights.

Like regular card check, mail-in cards do not provide the guaranteed security and privacy of a voting booth, thus inviting fraud, intimidation and coercion with more visits to workers’ homes by union organizers.

This latest attempt to fix what is wrong with the Employee Free Choice Act opens the door to abuse through ACORN-style campaigning that is prone to fraud and increases the possibility of worker intimidation and coercion. As National Labor Relations Board career staff noted, mail-in cards increase the “potential for interference by any party.”

You can’t fix card check by simply adding postage and this alternative further expands the attack on worker privacy from the workplace to the home.


Employee Free Choice Act “advocates’ lies are killing Big Labor’s top priority”

This morning, the Washington, D.C. Examiner carried an article from Bret Jacobson of the firm Maverick Strategies. Pointing to recent news in which one major union misquoted the Wall Street Journal to twist the paper’s words and in which union officials rejected any proposals to protect secret ballots for working Americans, Jacobson argues:

EFCA proponents’ outright rejections of any compromise that would assure rights for employees, combined with their outright dishonesty, may be taken as a good sign by some that the bill is facing long odds.

At the same time, it should serve as a reminder of just how far outside the mainstream labor leaders have become and how desperate they are for a rent-seeking infusion of money and power. That desperation, having not yet reached its zenith, will only get worse.

Katherine Fullerton Gerould said, “It is a poor cause which has to be lied for regularly.” EFCA is a poor cause indeed, though it is not yet, sadly, a fully lost cause.

Jacobson also highlights a recent ad from the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, of which Associated Builders and Contractors is a member. Make sure you see the ad here.

Coalition: No Compromise on Key Points of Employee Free Choice Act

Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (of which Associated Builders and Contractors is a proud member) issued the following statement:

CDW Dismisses Proposal by Corporate Execs