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WASHINGTON, D.C. // JANUARY 4, 2012 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace lambasted the recess appointments of three Members to the National Labor Relations Board, saying the President violated the intent of the Constitutional separation of powers to avoid working with the Senate to clean up the destruction wrought by his previous recess appointee, Craig Becker.

Today’s announcement of the appointments of Terence Flynn, Sharon Block and John Griffin comes despite a specific written request of 47 Senators in December. The move, which installs Block and Griffin, whose names were only submitted recently, means the President has abdicated his responsibility for working with the Senate to arrive at a package of nominees that can responsibly put the NLRB back to work and clean up Becker’s galling record of anti-employer, anti-employee, pro-union bias.

CDW chairman Geoffrey Burr said, “The administration has flouted the will of elected officials by bypassing the Senate and contravening the intent of the Constitution. This provocation threatens the basic system of checks and balances instituted by America’s Founding Fathers by undermining the Senate’s right to confirm persons for key public service roles.

“The President is refusing to work with Congress to run the country responsibly. In fact, he’s attempting to rewrite the Constitution and its established interpretations regarding recess appointments, all in the name of stacking the Board with Members who are more likely to do the bidding of Big Labor than focus on policies that protect workers, encourage economic growth, and increase employment.”

Burr concluded, “We urge the President to consult with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who blocked recess appointments for the final two years of the George W. Bush administration over concerns about the practice.”

NLRB: It’s To Check Everyone But Unions, Sen. Reid?

Check out this article and quote by Sen. Harry Reid as he defends the National Labor Relations Board against charges of grossly overstepping its bounds to tell the Boeing company where it can or cannot move its facilities:

NLRB: Special Interests in Specialty Healthcare Case

From the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace:

WASHINGTON, D.C. // MARCH 8, 2011 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) submitted a brief on what may be the most significant and troubling case before the National Labor Relations Board – Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile and United Steelworkers, District 9, 356 NLRB No. 56 (2010).

At issue in Specialty Healthcare is whether Big Labor may organize by cherry picking groups of workers that support the union without providing many co-workers who may oppose the union an opportunity to vote. Such a ruling would reverse over 50 years of standards for bargaining units.

As a result of the decision, businesses could be forced to bargain with multiple unions for similarly situated employees, with each group of employees having separate wage schedules, benefit packages and work rules. Businesses, workers, consumers and the economy would suffer, as the negative impact on business productivity and competitiveness would be significant.

NLRB: Becker Renomination Pits President’s Words, Actions

Today the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) decried President Obama’s renomination of Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. The coalition warned that the decision has put the president

“e-Voting” Could Be Too Similar To Card Check

One of the issues that has been raised as it’s been discovered that the National Labor Relations Board has issued a request for cost estimates of a system that would allow employees to use electronic ballots in union-representation elections is whether the process will open employees to intimidation in the same way as the card check provision of the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act.

Keith Bogardus of the The Hill, who has been tracking this issue for years, ran an article yesterday examining employer concerns. The piece highlighted a letter by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, of which Associated Builders and Contractors is a member:

Refuse 2 Recuse

Check out LaborUnionReport’s post at RedState: SEIU